Not sure what languages or skills you should be searching for? Not a problem, here are some insights into what you should be searching for depending on what you need made

I need a website

Websites are on of the most tricky ones if you're not sure what language or framework you want. Virtually all websites will be built around HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but the backend of the website will generally be built in a server side language as a custom made platform, or using a CMS or scaffolding.

If you're looking for a fairly simple website, blog or news site, you could consider wordpress. Wordpress is a powerful open source content management system that's fairly quick, easy and cheap to get setup although customization of a wordpress site can be expensive.

Wordpress is written in PHP which leads us to another option, a custom made site developed in PHP. PHP is an extremely popular language for developing websites, and generally it's one of the cheaper options

Alternatives to PHP are, amongst other, perl, python and .NET

If you want to stay with the cutting edge of technology for the web, you could consider a server side JavaScript solution such as Node.js or io

I need a mobile application (app)

Mobile apps are more straightforward when it comes to choosing your technology. The main choice you will have to make is: do you want the app to work on multiple platforms (Android, iOS etc...) or do you want it to work on only a single platform (this is known as a native application).

Multi platform apps are generally created similary to how a website website is created, and to some extent will work in a browser. The most popular way to do this is using a platform called phonegap (or cordova) which works like a wrapper that takes your HTML, JavaScript and CSS mobile app and lets it run on multiple paltforms including Android, Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry and more

Multi platform apps are generally cheaper to create than native apps, expecially if you want to create an app for more than one mobile operating system

The alternative is native apps. The performance and features available on a native application are usually much better than on a multi platform app. iPhone apps are generally written in Objective-C or Swift

Android apps are usually written in Java

I need a game developed

Games are probably the most broad category. Web and mobile games are usually written in the same languages their respective app and web languages above.

Games can be created in virtually any language. If you are looking to develop a high end 3D game for PC or OSX, a good option is to use a 3D engine such as Unity

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