Managing Your Time as a Freelance Developer

As a freelance developer, time is money. Every minute that you waste on reddit is less money in your pocket. Today we are going to have a look at a piece of software that can help you manage your time as a freelancer

Most freelancer developers work from home, and home is where all the distractions are. It's very easy to end up watching cat videos on youtube for 3 hours, or browsing reddit for way too long. Rescuetime is an amazing piece of software that helps figure out where you are spending your time when sitting in front of a computer

Rescuetime runs in the background of your computer and tracks the time you spend on websites and applications, which can then be seen as detailed reports. You can customize which websites and applications are work related, for example if you are spending a lot of time on reddit doing research for a project, you can tell rescue time that reddit is work related. Other great features are:


You can setup alerts to notify you when you have spent a specified time on an activity. For example, if you want to browse dribbble for some UI inspiration, but don't want to spend more than 15 minutes doing so, you can create an alert for that


You can enter focus mode, which blocks certain websites for a specified amount of time. Imagine you trying to finish of a project in the next hour and you keep getting notifications from facebook about some exciting thread all your friends are chatting on, you can block it for the next hour to get done what you need to


Popping out to get a coffee? Not a problem, you can pause Rescuetime so your stats are always correct.


You can pull detailed reports on all your activity and work out where you are wasting the most time. Rescuetime even gives you a productivity score between 0 and 100, so you can set yourself a goal of having a score above a certain number every day. It's an amazing product, and really can help freelance developers be more productive with their time and make more money.

Interested in trying out Rescuetime? You can get try it out for free right here

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